From the Youth

Young people who graduated from the Transition to Independence Process share

their thoughts.


I thank Paving the Way for giving my family and me the opportunity to let us and my mom tell her story, as well as giving my mom the chance to help guide with her input.


It's a big help for me - maybe even saved me and made me stronger. It's the best thing that ever happened to me, so thank you everyone who is in the program.


Great program. Very helpful and a blessing. Thankful to have people who care and a program that helps after getting out of CPS. In the future, I will tell people about this program and keep pushing.


Paving the Way has helped me with management, including managing my meds, managing my studies and managing driver's education.


From a parent:

I'm so grateful for Paving the Way because it helped my daughter to become the BEST that she can be. She has been taught, told and reminded that she has to try before she can succeed. In doing so, she has fulfilled her list of goals, including getting a job, returning to school, getting an apartment, opening a bank account and learning to say "no."





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