Helping youth in transition pave the way in education, housing, career, wellbeing and community involvement
3840 Hulen Street Fort Worth, Texas 76107
What is Paving the Way?

Paving the Way is a federally-funded program that helps youth and young adults identify their strengths, set goals, and use their strengths to achieve those goals.


Paving the Way will also help youth and young adults develop as community leaders, empowering them to become advocates for themselves and others.

Many youth find it hard to make the transition to adulthood. They are faced with making decisions and taking actions in such areas of life as education, careers, housing and more.


These issues are magnified when youth have a  mental health issue. Paving the Way is dedicated to help these youth and young adults making the transition from child to adult mental health services while navigating the often treacherous path to the next stage in their lives.